Rescheduled for Oct 24th at 2pm Nutrition Class at WCA – Blood Sugar Solutions Kick Your Cravings & Improve Your Health Monday – August 17, 2015 5:30-6:30pm


Blood Sugar Solutions

Kick Your Cravings & Improve Your Health

Saturday Oct 24th, 2015

2:00- 3:00 pm 


Join us for a Lecture on Nutrition with Ashlea Hartz!

Do you struggle with fatigue, joint pain, chronic inflammation, sleep disorders, mood swings, weight gain or brain fog? These are just a few of the common side effect associated with too much sugar in the diet, and why sugar has become public enemy number one.


Join us for an interactive class from Santa Cruz CORE Nutritionist Ashlea Hartz to learn the top tips and tricks for taking control of your blood sugar and regain your health. Students will learn five common causes of unremitting sugar cravings and which foods will bring their body back into balance. By getting to the root of the problem, this class will start you on the path to a sugar free solution.


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Cost: $15


Meet the Teacher


Ashlea Hartz, N.C., RYT

Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Registered Yoga Teacher

Nutrition Training: 

Bauman College, Santa Cruz CA

700 Hr Certification Program


My training at Bauman College taught me the skills necessary to become a nutrition professional and to expertly educate the community about holistic nutrition, health and wellness. My classes included an in-depth study of the foundations of nutrition – biochemical individuality, anatomy, physiology, macro and micronutrient requirements, and healthful food selection. I also had the opportunity to study therapeutic applications of various foods and supplements for avoiding and recovering from illness.

The nutrition education classes are based on the Eating for Health model, a whole foods approach to nutrition created by Dr. Ed Bauman. Eating for Health relies on the best quality and the most nutrient-dense, seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local foods. It acknowledges that every person has varying needs and requires an individualized eating plan, one that even changes throughout their lives with varying health, age and level of activity. Eating for Health promotes wellbeing through abundant and delicious nutritionally dense foods as well as vital lifestyle management skills.

Today I am committed to the Bauman Collage mission, to change the world through nutrition.  As a yogi at heart, my practice includes a mind-body nutritional approach that looks at what we eat, why we eat and how it makes us feel.  I currently offer my services to clients near and far who are motivated to make small changes that will greatly impact their overall health.


Offering Group Classes for Nutrition, Wellness and Yoga 

Contact me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute nutrition consultation!

Ashlea Hartz, N.C., RYT




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