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Why Did You Put That Needle There?


One of the most common questions we get here at the WCA is: “Why did you put that needle there?”

Check out this amazing link:


and download a free copy of the book titled “Why did you put that needle there?” YAHOO!

You can also listen to the audio and click a link to the spanish version as well!

Thank you Manchester Acupuncture for an amazing Free resource!

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Tell A Friend…You CAN Afford Acupuncture!

Group jumping

Here at WCA we believe that acupuncure is a powerful medicine that can be accessible to everyone!

That is why we offer sliding scale treatments for $20-$40*

You decide that you can afford to pay!

This allows everyone to get enough acupuncture so you can feel better and stay better longer!

We are so grateful to our community for telling thier friends about us! We couldn’t do this without your referrals!

So thank you to everyone for sharing the good news about the WCA and your continued support!

We have some exciting events coming up this Fall! Stay tuned!

*$10 additional fee for your first visit.

WedMD agrees… Acupuncture Works!


Check out this slide show from WebMD that shows many uses of acupuncture :)


Herb Pharmacy


Chinese herbs are a safe and effective way to help balance your body. When you take chinese herbs your body will heal quicker and your acupuncture results will last longer! Now, at the WCA we have a herb pharmacy to help you achieve your healthy lifestyle you always dreamed of.

If your acupuncturist feels that they can prescribe a herb formula at your visit they will do so. But depending on how complicated your case is, it might be necessary to schedule an herb consultation. These visits are available at our normal $20-$40 sliding scale rate. Plus the price of herbs.

Ask us today how Chinese Herbs can help you today!

herbals1        1404971_427637024007881_354554048_o    Herbs can help heal your body! Now Available at WCA!

Mavericks, Sports and Acupuncture


With Maverick’s Surfing contest starting this week and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games just around the corner, we thought it fitting to talk sports and Acupuncture!

You may know that acupuncture is great for treating injuries, illness and other ailments. Did you know that it is a preventative medicine? We treat before you get sick, to prevent illness and injury by strengthening the overall condition of your body, without the use of medications that can cause unwanted side effects.

 Did you also know that acupuncture can boost athletic performance? Excellent-action-sports-photography-examples3[1]

Whether we are elite athletes training for international events, or just trying to make it to the gym a few times a week, we all want to feel better, stronger and more fit when we work out. Acupuncture is an amazing way to improve your ability to workout and lead a more active and healthy lifestyle for longer!

In looking for clinical studies of the effects of acupuncture on athletic performance I came across two articles I found of interest.

 The first uses saliva testing to monitor the levels of stress hormones and immune markers in women exercising heavily every day. The conductors of the experiment found that the acupuncture group had lower levels of stress hormone and higher levels the beneficial antibody SIgA. The acupuncture group also scored better in mood and fatigue levels. The study concluded that acupuncture helps to reduce stress on the body during physical exertion, enhances immune function and elevates overall mood and energy.

 The second study analyzed a group of male basketball players. Three groups were tested, an acupuncture, control and sham group. The Taiwanese study found that the acupuncture group had slower heart rates post exercise, less oxygen consumption and lower levels of lactic acid in the blood (the byproduct that makes one feel sore after a workout).

You can read the full articles here:



So, if you are wanting to improve your own athletic performance, make an appointment today!

Article Written By: Melanie Fuller, LAc



Children Love Acupuncture


You might think it sounds crazy, but children love acupuncture. We have parents and kids come into Watsonville Community Acupuncture, a little shy, a little curious and a little afraid about how kids respond to needles. The exciting news is that most of our kid patients and all their parents leave our clinic happy, healthier and asking their  when they can return. Why is this? Because kids love acupuncture! It is true!

All of our practitioners at Watsonville Community Acupuncture have extensive experience in working with kids and common childhood aliments.


Kids come and see us when they have:

  • Tummy Aches
  • Colds
  • Flus
  • Digestion Problems
  • Low Immunity
  • Slow Development
  • Ear Infections
  • Overall Wellness
  • Cancer
  • and more!

In today’s world, most of us have a fear of needles;  shots and immunizations at the doctors just do not feel good, but as anyone who has had acupuncture knowns, acupuncture needles are really different, very small and only have a slight amount of discomfort when inserted.  Acupuncturist also have many tools and needles don’t always have to be used (especially in children).

Most treatments for children begin with a really fun and effective pediatric acupressure massage technique call “Tuina” (TWEE-NA). This massage helps stimulate the immune system so they can be healthier kids all around. As the kids and acupuncturist develop a relationship of trust and respect, then the acupuncturist can introduce needles as an addition to their treatment.

It is important to note that at the WCA we don’t call needles, “needles” to kids and we like to train our parents to not use the word “needle” in the beginning with kids. At the WCA in children’s treatments we replace “needles with names like “dink, sinks” and “taps” that don’t sound as scary. We also love to have fun, so we call acupuncture points, “angle wings” “rhinosuars horns”  and “mermaid tails” to not only stimulate imagination in children, but to also talk to them about what those acupuncture points can do for them in a way kids can remember.

One of Corey Miller’s regular children patients a young girl named Franny. Franny was scared at first of needles at first, but at the end of her first treatment she got 5 “dink, sinks” and at the end proclaimed, “I love acupuncture! WHY DID I WAIT SOOOOO LONG?!”. We all smiled and loved that she said that because it is true, most people wonder why they waited so long too :)

I know you and your children will feel the same too!

Make an appointment today! Don’t wait to long ;)



For other articles on Pediatric Acupuncture check out:





Fertility, Pregnancy and Acupuncture


We have had a lot of calls this year already about fertility and pregnancy  and if Acupuncture can help.

The answer is most definitely yes!

Our practitioners have all had advanced training in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy care.

We love to spoil our mothers (and father’s :) ) to be. Our cozy room and recliners are the perfect place to help balance your hormones, increase blood flow to your ovaries and uterus, relieve nausea and help fatigue and more!

Here are a couple of articles for you to read more:





Have more questions? Give us a call, or fill out contact form for more information.

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Massage On Tuesdays!


New at WCA:

Chair Massage on Tuesdays with Lupe. $1 a minute. Walk- In’s Welcome but sign up in advance suggested by calling (831 ) 728 -2222 or  scheduling online!

Tuesday from 3am-6pm

Come meet Lupe!

Lupe Espinoza has been practicing  since 2006. She completed her massage therapist license at Twin Lakes College and receive high marks from her professors. Lupe is the owner of Spa Pajaro Dunes and also practices at Bella Salon and Spa. Lupe is trained in multiple massage modalities including deep tissue, swedish, trigger point therapy, foot focus and relaxation techniques. Lupe’s intuitive touch and years of experience allow her to hone in on your bodies specific needs so that you leave feeling refreshed and deeply healed.

Lupe feels like body work is her “dream job”, it is this passion for health and wellbeing that allows her to connect with her clients and make a huge difference in their lives.

Check out her webpage at:


2 for 1 Day Friday Feb 5th


Chinese New Year 2 for 1 Special Friday, February 5!

In celebration of Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Monkey, we invite you to bring a friend 9am-1pm on February 5 and you both get a treatment for $20.





Meet Leia

Leia Photo

Leia is our newest addition to the WCA family. She will be taking over Audra’s shift while Audra is on Maternity Leave and then will be expanding our hours after that! Yahoo! So excited to have her!

Leia Sutton-Barnes L.Ac, MTCM, BA

Se habla Español.

Leia is a California board certified acupuncturist and herbalist with a Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA.  She graduated with certificates in Sports Medicine Acupuncture and Tui Na Therapeutic Massage.  Leia has training in Sensory Awareness and worked with The Ting-Sha Institute where she developed an appreciation for the value of mind-body medicine in bringing health and balance to one’s life.  She has a background in Western science with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology from Stanford University and believes in a holistic approach to medicine.

Leia lived for ten years in Puerto Rico enjoying the lifestyle, learning about the culture through cuisine and dance, and studying yoga and local medicinal plants. She has a passion for herbal medicine, diet and nutrition, and loves when those can be combined to make food our medicine.  Leia specializes in sports injuries, pain, and stress management.  In her free time, Leia enjoys cooking, dancing, and outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, and swimming. She loves speaking Spanish and working with people of all ages.

Leia’s hours are Thursdays and Fridays (Begins Dec 3rd. 2015)

2 for 1 special days!

Classic Autumn Leaves Wallp TLG

Thursday Nov 19th 2pm- 7pm

with Audra. Bring a friend and enjoy 2 session for $20-$20

Friday Nov 20th 9am-2pm

 with Audra. Bring a friend and enjoy 2 session for $20-$20

Saturday Nov. 28th 10am- 1pm

with Jessica. Bring a friend or family member and have a post turkey day acu-nap. New patients get 2 for 1 special. meme5-thanksgiving


New Treatments at WCA


Gabriela is offering some new treatments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

acupuncture-man-rotatorBack Treatments: $40 – by appointment only

Be seen on one of our face down tables, and get relief for back pain and stress.







$20- $40 Sliding scale. 15minutes. – by appointment only.

Get a back cupping treatment that helps with pain, and colds and flus.

New Envelope System


Our envelope box has gotten out of control (which is a good thing! — thanks to all of our amazing patients ):)

So our brilliant practitioner Jessica thought up a new system.

Basically just grab and envelope and a fine tipped dry erase maker provided at the front desk area.

Write your name on the envelope.

Place money in envelope (do not seal )

Drop envelope in Drop box

Sit and relax in a recliner for your treatment.


Here are some videos to help you visualize the flow.



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